S-Hooks on the Baker’s Rack

Photo of s-hooks hanging from a metal bar shot from the side and moving away from the camera at an angle to the left. There is a small metal strainer hanging from a hook on the far end. Behind everything, there is a beige wall.

You hang s-hooks on the baker’s rack
One after the other, quick quick,
Before running out the door
With another bag packed.
I look at the hooks rocking in place
And want to see them as a sign that you’ll stay,
But of course, the message I know is coming
Arrives on my phone a few days later.
You’re moving out.
Once again, I’ll have to look for someone else.
The baker’s rack and its rocking s-hooks
Will be going with you.

Published by Sage Pantony

Sage Pantony is a writer, poet, and zinester. They write about gender, sexuality, mental health, trauma, creativity, and the best ways to cook eggs. They are the author of several zines, including a trilogy about transitioning as a non-binary person. Sage’s work has appeared in publications such as Coven Poetry, Idle Ink, and The Varsity. They currently reside in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal with their pet dinosaur, Peter.

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