[Image: Sage, a non-binary person with short red hair, sitting at a colourful table in front of stacks of their zines and papers, smiling, wearing a black t-shirt].

I’m Sage (they/them), a queer and non-binary poet, essayist, zinester, and trickster who writes about sexuality, gender, mental health, trauma, life, death, nature, society, and creativity.

I am not and cannot be just one thing. I find that trying to force a concrete, specific definition onto myself only serves to suppress my creativity. I embody multiplicity. I am always curious. All of what I am and all of what I do intersects. My poetry bleeds into my prose as my reality bleeds into my fiction.

There are other intersections as well. In addition to being queer and non-binary, I am able-bodied, straight-sized, an abuse survivor, a white settler living on the traditional territory of the Mississauga Anishinaabeg, and mentally ill. I grew up in a middle-class Buddhist family and am of English and Irish ancestry.

Everything I am and everything I have experienced bleeds into everything I create while what I create also informs my experience, perspective, and identity.

I am privileged and imperfect. I am sometimes wrong. I strive to do no harm, and I fail sometimes. I strive to love myself and do better.

I love projects and go wherever my curiosity leads me. This website serves as a catalogue of projects past and present. You can watch some of my old videos, peruse through my poetry, check out my blog, read my zines, or follow me on social media.