December Laundry Line

Photo of a river taken at night with buildings, lights, a blue-lit crane, and a green bridge on the other side. Dark, heavy clouds hang over the sky, which is light pink-orange and clear just over the horizon. Dark leafless branches hang down from the top of the image in the foreground.

A man hangs his laundry at night
High up in the sky
On a cold December line.
Does he think about
The crunch of his clothing?
His hands must be freezing.
Water droplets turn into
On his linens.
He hangs up the last shirt.
His washing is suspended above
The whole neighbourhood.
Is he aware of
The spectacle he’s making?
Has he read
The poem I’m writing?
Has he noticed that
The moon is waxing?

He must have looked at the moon
On this cold December evening
And thought,
Ah, yes, that ought to do it.

Published by Sage Pantony

Sage Pantony is a writer, poet, and zinester. They write about gender, sexuality, mental health, trauma, creativity, and the best ways to cook eggs. They are the author of several zines, including a trilogy about transitioning as a non-binary person. Sage’s work has appeared in publications such as Coven Poetry, Idle Ink, and The Varsity. They currently reside in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal with their pet dinosaur, Peter.

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