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17.22.750 Chapbook + Patreon

I am launching two new things today! The first is my chapbook, the details of which are below, and the second is a Patreon page, which exists to support my writing. Depending on the tier, patrons can get access to my zine, chapbook, works in progress, details about my writing process, and other bonus content.

This means that you now have two options for accessing my zine/chapbook, either by purchasing them through PayPal or by becoming a patron! Let me know if you have any questions about this here.

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17.22.750 Chapbook

What does it mean to be the 26-year-old editor of your 17-year-old self? What does it mean to come back, years later, and publish something never meant to be shared? Can modern-day me consent to publish past me? I suppose I’m going with yes.

17.22.750 is a 35+ page chapbook comprised of approximately 750-word entries I wrote at the ages of 17, 22, and 26. It is about growing up and having lots of questions. These younger versions of me navigate school, work, relationships, heartbreak, existentialism, gender, sexuality, in addition to fear and excitement over an always unknown future. Originally private entries written on, from high school to university to adulthood, I spill out the clutter in my head with stark honesty.

Order the Chapbook | $5.00 CAD

Once your payment has been processed, please allow 1-2 business days for me to email you a copy.

Queer Identity, Trans Identity


It’s ready!!!

I am officially publishing my first zine:

[Aerial shot of a desk with papers and colourful markers on it. The larger paper has two drawings of cartoon people with red hair, one with greenish eyebrows and facial hair and a concerned expression, the other with a red beard and plaid shirt. In-between the two characters is printed text that reads, “One Year on T: On Non-Binary Sex & Transition”]. Drawings by Amory Missios.


One Year on T: On Non-Binary Sex & Transition

This 30+ page e-zine is about being non-binary and the politics of passing, transitioning, and sex. The poems and essays within capture different stages of my transition, beginning with my coming out process in 2015 and then focusing on my first year of hormone therapy. Much of the content is raw, painful, and difficult to share. I open up about my struggles as a non-passing non-binary person with the medical system, dating, sex and desirability, taking hormones, transphobia, gatekeeping, gender expression, and more.

I have set the price of this e-zine at $5.00. If this is a barrier for you, please contact me to work something else out. Preference will be given to other trans folks and people looking to use it for educational purposes.

Order the Zine | $5.00 CAD

Once your payment has been processed, please allow 1-2 business days for me to email you a copy.


Relationship Tourist

[Image: Grey-and-green socked feet on top of leather shoes attached to jean-clad legs on blue-and-yellow carpet. Leg and part of blue chair cushion in top part of photo]. Photo by pedrojperez.


I think I use new romantic relationships to satiate my wanderlust, my desire to travel and move and change and experience. I move through a new relationship like a tourist travelling through a city, seeking out all the recommended places. I hit the pavement every day, spending twelve or more hours learning about what she has to offer. Then, at the end of the week, I pack up my suitcase, get on a train, and unceremoniously move on to the next destination. I may think about her again, I may write about her too, but our time together is up. It has served its purpose. I’ve learned everything that there was to learn, right?

Well, I got the tourist experience but I’ll never know what it’s like to be a local. In my romantic endeavours, I typically develop a tourist’s understanding of the other person, a surface understanding largely made up of what was put on display with a few quirks thrown in for good measure, and then I move on. I’ve only done the local experience once before when my partner and my home were one and the same. That was interesting, but it was a lot, and it’s incredibly rare that I meet someone who makes me want to go thereto immigrate, if you will.

You can’t really say that you know a place when you only know it as a tourist. Moving through the world, and your relationships, as a tourist can be fun but it’s not sustainable long-term. Eventually, I will need a home. And as much as I enjoy travelling, I know that I am capable of building one. It will be a lot of work, but I am more than willing to work as long as I am able to take the next step, which would be visiting a place and realizing that I’d rather stay on than catch the next train.